The KEPL project has the mission to help shape the future of the financial system. High costs, inefficiencies, and lacking security are some of the challenges the project aims to solve using the blockchain technology.

The KEPL currency

The KEPL currency is the backbone of all upcoming KEPL projects. It is built around three core principles: security, efficiency, and privacy. The KEPL official release is set for April 2018.


Technical specifications

  • Ticker: KEPL
  • Algorithm: Cryptonight
  • Max supply: 200,000,000
  • Premine: 1.5%
  • Block time: 120 seconds
  • 100% Proof of Work
  • P2P Port: 8580
  • RPC Port: 8581

Ecosystem First Approach

The KEPL project follows an Ecosystem First approach. The KEPL Ecosystem is the primary focus and every technology decision is made with regards to the Ecosystem as a whole.

The ecosystem englobes various active players: individuals, merchants, financial institutions, services providers, etc. Each of these members brings its own set of requirements and a unique way to see the world. The KEPL project believes that nurturing the ecosystem is the best approach in solving the financial problems of the future.

We believe that most cryptocurrencies are too self-centered and fail to create real value because they are constrained in their own, small and limited world.


Current Projects

In addition to the KEPL currency, the following projects are actively being developed and scheduled for a 2018 release.





Coming in Q2 2018.